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DVD & On Demand - 15 AUG

A film by

Alex Camilleri


Jesmark Scicluna

Michela Farrugia

David Scicluna

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pre-order discount via Peccadillo 


Jesmark, a fisherman on the island of Malta, must make an agonising choice: repair his leaking LUZZU– the traditional wooden fishing boat that belonged to his father and grandfather before him – or decommission it in exchange for a government pay-out.


Faced with the temptation of making easy money working for an illicit black market fishing operation, Jesmark must reconcile his desire to preserve generations of familial tradition with the need to provide for his wife and son.

The award-winning and critically acclaimed debut by writer-director Alex Camilleri is a gripping and heart-rending exploration of the difficulty of preserving one’s identity in the modern world and offers a glimpse into the beauty of an island rarely portrayed in cinema. 

WINNER -  Best Actor - World Cinema Dramatic Special Jury Award

WINNER - Somone to watch - Film Independent Spirit Awards 

"Authenticity can't be faked … a film like LUZZU shows the truth of it.”

“a touching tale of personal sacrifice which never succumbs to sentimentality” - Sight & Sound

"Emotionally Resonant." ★★★★ EyeforFilm

“Impressive debut” Screen International

“Beautifully Observed

Scicluna delivers an impressively understated performance as a man caught in the tug-and-pull of tradition and modernity.” ★★★★ The Guardian

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