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When Sam catches Ben’s eye across a New York book stall, sparks fly. The sexual chemistry is palpable, but for Ben, for the first time, could this be more than just sex?

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Age, Sex, Location?

When did you know?

About Cicada

In the sultry heat of a New York summer, Ben (Matt Fifer) drifts from one unfulfilling hook-up to the next with encounters barely making it to the next morning. When he picks up the handsome Sam (Sheldon D. Brown) a connection sparks between the two men that hints at something more than just another casual sexual liaison. As the intensity of their relationship grows, each begin to recognise the need to confront the scars of their past if they are to truly let the other person in.  


Examining themes of sexuality, race and identity with grace and uncompromising honesty, CICADA is an affecting and resonant romantic drama. 

Directed by Matt Fifer, Kieran Mulcare

Written by Sheldon D. Brown, Matt Fifer


Ben -  Matt Fifer

Sam  - Sheldon D. Brown

Sophie - Cobie Smulders

Hudson - Bowen Young

"CICADA puts Fifer and Brown on the map, not only in terms of storytelling but as Fresh Voices in Indie Cinema" 

The Hollywood Reporter

"The pain and poetry of being young, queer and troubled in love" Variety

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